Glowing Visage Facial Studio

A specialty facial studio focusing on personalized skincare treatments to enhance and rejuvenate your complexion.



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A distinctive program specializing in revitalizing, balancing, and promoting regrowth to enhance the natural beauty and structure of your skin through personalized facial treatments.

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A seasoned facialist, Diana brings over 20 years of expertise, having honed her skills in prestigious locations such as London and New York City. With a visionary eye and a personalized artistic approach, she crafts customized facials for each individual. Diana inspires her clients to envision and achieve a naturally radiant and rejuvenated complexion. Specializing in facial art and sculpting, she is an expert in promoting healthy and glowing skin. Diana is currently welcoming clients in Bondi Beach, where she continues to offer her unparalleled facial services.

Glowing Visage Facial Studio