Karen Cohen

Founder and Director Emerging Tech HUB | Founder Women in Emerging Tech | Ambassador Inspiring Rare Birds | Winner Blockies Community Leader 2022 | Previous Blockchain Australia Deputy Chair

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Karen Cohen

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About Me

I'm an award-winning community builder who has found my passion in connecting people to emerging technologies. Starting from a traditional HR background, I've climbed the ladder to establish my consultancy, Emerging Tech Hub. In this role, I dedicate myself to assisting clients in hiring, retaining, growing, and training talent. I've had the privilege of building communities for Blockchain, Women, Startups, and Entrepreneurs, collaborating with brands like Inspiring Rare Birds, Stone & Chalk, NEM, Blockchain Centre, Asta Solutions, and Algorand Foundation. My true magic lies not just in bridging the gap between humans and technology but also in fostering connections between people themselves.


My Background

  • Grad Dip HRM, B Science – 20+ years HR and Talent Management for global consulting brands such as Mckinsey and Accenture

  • Specialising in small to medium business outsourced HRM

  • Ran Leadership Programs for Proclaim Insurance, Forethought Research

  • Program & Community Manager for Inspiring Rare Birds

  • Managed Blockengine Incubator 2018

  • AHRI and Best Place to Work Award Winner

  • Passionate about leadership development, women’s entrepreneurship and emerging technology

  • Deputy Chair  Blockchain Australia Board

  • Co-Organiser Women in Blockchain Melbourne

  • Previous Expert in Residence Stone & Chalk

  • Founder Women In Emerging Tech Group