Jaimie eLaw

Jaimie eLaw

I am an experienced Australian Lawyer who specialises in technology-centric law, contracts, global data security, privacy and intellectual property. Now in Dubai, I am able to offer my legal services online at far better prices than Australia-based lawyers.

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Responsive & Professional

Jaimie was extremely responsive and professional. I was very impressed that the [website terms and conditions were] perfectly tailored to the specifics of my business and not just a generic template. Very highly recommended.


Company Owner

Expertise & Professionalism

I was thoroughly impressed with her expertise and professionalism... She was always available to communicate with me and made sure that I felt confident and comfortable with the final product. I would highly recommend Jaimie


General Manager

Superstar Pro

... Best of all, her services offered are not a cookie cutter approach. They are tailored to your requirements! Look no further, Jaimie is a superstar pro to enlist in your network.



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I provide all of the professionalism and expertise of a fully qualified Australian Lawyer, without all of the costs and inflexibility that result from being based in Australia.

✅ Ultimate flexibility

✅ Superior affordability

✅ Tireless enthusiasm

Jaimie eLaw
Jaimie eLaw