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Innovation in Gift cards - with Giftomatic show cover
Innovation in Gift cards - with Giftomatic

This podcast is about innovations in the fast growing Gift Card industry. Julie van de Ven (B.theMarket) and Sander Vessies (Giftomatic) discuss the opportunity for gift card platforms, to generate an additional revenue stream.

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Gift Cards Were Born Circa 1994

Gift cards were born circa 1994 with Blockbuster Video (remember them?), one of the first retailers to sell third-party gift cards. Fast forward to 2021, and not a great deal of change has happened.

Using an API-first approach to gift card issuance and distribution, we are on a mission to democratize access to technology to enable a new breed of innovation.

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The Gift Card

The Gift Card is a platform where we discuss the innovations within the Gift Card industry and how you can maximize the benefits of these innovations. We cover current news within the industry, invite informed guests working in the industry, highlight businesses operating in the industry, and Give out free gift cards to our lucky listeners every week. The Gift Card is brought to you by Gift Oga - Gift Oga is a digital gift card processing platform that gives businesses the ability to create, sell and redeem their own gift cards. GiftOga also allows individuals and companies to buy the gift cards listed by these businesses. Learn more - Blog.giftOga.com   Instructions to be eligible to win the weekly free gift card. - Follow us on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram @giftogaofficial - Subscribe to The Gift Card Podcast - https://giftcard.sounder.fm/episode/1 - open a free GiftOga account - www.giftoga.com - Comment giftoga followed by the date of the podcast on any of our social media weekly giveaway posts ( Example - GiftOga-7/21/2021 )

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Drew Browning is an innovator who has successfully developed growth strategies, led sales & business development teams, and championed growth initiatives resulting in the successful launch of Blackhawk Australia and then APAC. A pioneer in the branded payments industry, co-founder and executive of Blackhawk Network Australia, with a distinguished 25-year career and a record of driving income and revenue growth.