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Trade Talks

Chad P. Bown (Peterson Institute for International Economics) hosts a podcast about the economics of international trade and policy. From trade wars to trade deals, this podcast covers trade developments with insights and economic analysis from one of the world's top trade geeks.

My Journey

A versatile marketing & sales manager with experience in services (education, home care, weight loss programs and travel) and products (drinkware, homeware, books, meal replacements, sports nutrition, and video-games). Results driven and able to tackle challenges combining several strategies, in the past I have: launched an Amazon store Implemented CRM in a group of companies and rolled out modules for sales,marketing (b2b,b2c) and operations Ensured compliant marketing materials in a heavily regulated industry Increased sales between 50% and 100% in different industries Developed strong and profitable partnerships Decreased cost per lead in two different markets Reduced costs in order to keep profitability in spite of 20% sales drop during GFC Managed production in Japan from Europe for the South American market As part of my career has taken place in markets where I did not permanently reside in, I am used to frequent traveling, working in different time zones and leading and negotiating under these conditions. Specialties: Affiliates, business development, business strategy, direct sales, e-commerce, events production and execution, export, international business, international marketing, management, marketing, product launch, product management, online marketing, social media, online advertising, recruitment, sales, sales teams, start-ups, sports nutrition, franchises,translation, projects management, training, videogames, weight loss, wellness,design, marketing materials, compliance, business development, account, RTO,GTO, CRM, ZOHO

Work history
Senior Consultant
Stor, S.L.
Sales Manager
Sales & Marketing Manager BPS
Marketing and Sales Advisor
Brighten Careers Institute
LATAM+Iberia Sales & Marketing Manager
Superior Training Centre
Marketing and Sales Manager
ARC Group
Marketing and Systems Manager
ARC Group
Marketing Specialist
Managing Director
Orbitz Worldwide
Marketing Manager
Electronic Arts
Senior Product Manager Spain and Portugal
Electronic Arts
Sales&Marketing Manager Latin America
Electronic Arts
Product Manager for Portugal, Brazil and Latin America
Export Manager

What I'm listening to

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Alex Baneres
Comparing yourself to others is self-insulting.
Bill Gates

Alex Baneres

Connecting Australian and and European SMEs > Learning & sharing about #AustralianRetail #InternationalTrade #Marketing #sales #Entertainment #Licensing #Negotiations #BusinessDevelopment #Australia #Spain #SMB